We get up early and hit the markets to find you the freshest local New Zealand produce, meat and fish. Our menus use only fresh seasonal produce and we choose free-range and sustainably farmed products whenever possible (it just tastes better).

Top Shelf

Top quality sauces and dips

Jesse and his team of passionate taste chasers make our delicious aioli, tapenades, pestos, antipasto, feta spreads, the tangy dressings and sauces.


Our French bakery

Dominique and Celia supply us with their award winning, and simply delicious, authentic bakery ingredients.

Canter Valley

Our Free-Range Specialists

Canter Valley is a Canterbury based family business that focuses on the best quality product at every stage of production.

Then our chefs take all the top quality seasonal produce and prepare a healthy, tasty menu

Affordable free range

Our meat is free–range, free–farmed or genuinely wild, including our eggs, sausage and bacon.

the freshest seafood

Our fish and seafood come from local crews that catch, ice and deliver it as fresh as possible.

best in season

Every season brings its own wonderful fruit and veggies and we design our recipes to make the most of seasonal local produce. When the seasons change, so do our food bag colours.

Choose your Food Bag

We offer a range of delicious food bags to suit different households and taste buds.

  • Families
  • Two
  • Fresh Start
  • One
  • Swap to Suit
  • Easy, Classic dishes for the whole family

    See food bags for families
  • Dinnertime goodness for two people

    See food bags for two
  • Perfectly portioned meals

    See Fresh Start
  • Deliciously simple meals for one

    See Food Bags for One
  • Swap to Suit

    See Swap to Suit Bags